Friday 21 March 2008

Back to black... and white

Thank you Marvel for meeting the retailer half way and supplying an almost weekly Amazing Spider-Man. You've got to admit, if you're reading Spider-Man, it's nice to not have to wait a whole month for the next installment. But does it go far enough? I'd like to see an experiment that takes a leaf out of the weighty Manga book - let's go black & white!

Weekly, black & white comics that are then colored for the graphic novel thus the production process is quicker (& maybe cheaper) and the collection becomes a more desirable product.

And we could have fun coloring it in ourselves!


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  1. Personally I would love to see a few titles given the black and white treatment. This weeks was a good example with the new reprint of 'The Ultimates 3' issue #1. Black and white variant edition. Not just the cover but the entire issue in the original penciled artwork. Without the muddy colouring of the first printing this line work looks great, energetic. Not long ago Wolverine was also printed with a black and white variant version and looked very nice for it.
    Both written by Jeph Loeb, was it his great idea to go black and white?
    As a fan of manga I wouldn't mind at all seeing more comics in black and white. Then getting it again in a collected colour edition would be worth having it twice.

    can I say the words black and white one more time! sheesh!


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