Tuesday 17 June 2008

Final Crisis #1

Is that it?! It wasnt especially bad, its just that everything seemed so minor and underplayed. I understand the whole hinting-at-dark-things-to-come thing but I need some kind of hook or ... something. We had a few lines of foreboding dialogue, thunderous skies, characters I needed to research (did you get who the guy was at the end?), a major death shown in such a minor way I doubted it, and a brief glimpse of The Big Three who were fairly poorly rendered. And talking of Batman, when hes involved in two major storylines isnt it worth making it clear how the continuity works? Theres no excuse when its the same writer for both.

Well all be back for issue 2 because what else ya gonna do? But after a lack-lustre Countdown I felt I needed a Big Moment for DCs Big Event comic. If Martian Manhunters death was supposed to be it, there seemed to be almost zero effort put in to making it so.

A little more sizzle with the steak please guys.


Issue 2 available 26th June UK

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