Monday 15 September 2008

The Fabulous Signing

The Gilbert Shelton signing of his new Freak Brothers Omnibus was an all-round success which even drew the interest of The Argus so watch out for a photo. Mr Shelton was genial, patiently signing and drawing pictures for all-comers.

A big thank you to Gilbert Shelton and all involved. - SS

Gilbert Shelton signed a lot of books. Everyone got their very own sketch, and seem to walk out the store with a great big smile on their face. And even after all that he was kind enough to sign the remaining books in the store for us. So, we have a limited stock of signed copies of the Omnibus available. Pop in or give us a call for a copy.
On the monitor we ran the trailer for the Freak Brothers animation which you can see at Grass Roots The Movie web page. And again a huge thank you to Gilbert Sheldon for a great day. -JM

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  1. Excellent, glad it went well. I didn't go as I'm not really a fan, but I hope you have more signings soon.


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