Friday, 6 March 2009

Who Watched the Watchmen?

So have you seen it yet? Of course you're planning to but you're worried about the running time and the fact that it might be, you know, a waste of time.

The internet is awash with reviews for Watchmen at the moment but having seen it I've come to the conclusion that everybody's right: Yes it's too long, but it's not long enough because there's so much missing; yes it's too literal in its adaptation, but sometimes it perfectly captures some of your favourite moments as you always hoped it would; yes, the director appears to have made some obvious and uninspired choices but for goodness sake he managed to get the big unwieldy beast of a movie onto the screen and I think everyone is in agreement that the whole squid issue is an improvement on the original.

So go and see it. Be appalled, be frustrated, be entertained, marvel and then go read the book again. And then put the whole thing to bed. SLS


  1. i dunno i wanted a bit of squid action. its no less silly than any of the rest of it.

  2. sigh.. i really wanted the squid.

    got to love the tentacles

    i mean, he left in the cheesey sex scene with archi shooting flames, but cut the squid? :p


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