Friday 29 May 2009

Reborn - Is Obama the new Captain America?

From Comic Book Resources

'Theories about the return of Steve Rogers as Captain America
have been brewing ever since his death in “Captain America” #25, but the speculation has grown to a fever pitch following the release of two teaser images that CBR brought you first, exclusively.

On April 2nd, CBR received this teaser image, which appeared to suggest “Captain America” was a title to watch in July.

On May 11th, CBR received another teaser image, featuring the title “Girl Without A World” and a reference to “Captain America” #600.

While what exactly is happening isn’t known yet, CBR News learned late Thursday that Marvel is going to support the release of “Captain America” #600 in a surprising way.

Today on the Diamond Comics Retailer Services Web site, retailers were informed via a news bulletin that they could contact their Diamond Customer Service Representative in order to receive and sell “Captain America” #600 on Monday, June 15th. This is an unprecedented move, as new comics have been traditionally only been sold on Wednesdays for over a decade, barring holiday shipping schedules.

The move to a Monday on sale date leads one to speculate that a major announcement regarding future storylines is coming on June 15th.

Adding to that is news that Marvel is rushing a second printing of “Captain America” #50. The final order cut off date for retailers to submit their orders is June 1st, with a Wednesday June 10th on sale date. Marvel hasn’t rushed a book back to print in that tight of a time frame since the President Obama related “Amazing Spider-Man” issues blew up in the mainstream press.'

Ok so lets read between the lines..
Marvel does have a tendency to repeat success AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #583 sold a staggering, well have a read below:
This from ICv2
Published: 02/17/2009

Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man #583 road President Obama’s coattails to a record-setting total of 352,953, making it the bestselling full-price periodical comic book since ICv2 began tracking sales through Diamond Comic Distributors in 2001. Previous high numbers belong to Marvel’s Civil War #3 and Captain America #25, which each sold 290K, but unlike those titles ASM #583’s performance was the result of not just multiple variant covers, but multiple printings--in fact it appears likely that the majority of ASM’s sales came from subsequent printings not its initial run. And, for anyone who thinks that the Obama cover was not the primary sales driver, please note that prior to the Obama story and cover image, the title had been selling south of the 70,000 mark.

So is this Sharon Carter from the The Obama Captain America Universe?(as shown FIRST ironically in Grant Morrisons Final Crisis issue 7 by the Distinguished Competition).

If I was Marvel I would certainly want to repeat the greatest direct market coup in years and to finally lay claim to the most powerful non super powered being on planet earth (and to prevent this travesty).

From a business point of view it seems to make smashing financial sense and Marvel do seem to be sitting this year out perhaps to see how 'Blackest Night' fares in this crowded 'Event Fatigued' world yawn.

Obama as Captain America is certainly news worthy in the real world...

No news yet whether or not Diamond Uk will provide us with captain America #600 on the Monday, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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