Thursday 7 May 2009

Swoon Now! Monologues for Calculating the Density of Black Holes

Anders Nilsen came to prominence with his beautiful book Don't Go Where I Can't Follow written about the death of his fiancée. Since then his simple, abstract work seems to have taken haunting quality. This latest book, loosely following on from his previous work Monologues for the Coming Plague, is described by publisher Fantagraphics as "a creatively experimental laboratory, comprising a collection of free flowing stream-of-consciousness gags, strips, and drawings that slowly coalesce into an unexpectedly compelling and complex narrative." How can anyone not be intrigued?

The book also includes reprinted but expanded work from the Mome publication.

"The only famous artworks that fascinate like Nilsen’s stream-of- consciousness, existential farces are Samuel Beckett’s absurdist comedies." – Booklist

Available now for £17.

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