Monday 22 June 2009

Hoodz Remix figures club mez

Hoodz figures first debuted in 2003 with four great graffiti characters.
We have those original figures back in stock and also have the new limited 'Hoodz Remix' assortment featuring variants of Fat Cap, Letterman, Signstein and Vapor with new threads and equipment. Even better, we are selling them in sets of four for £10

We like them so much we built a little ghetto for them to piece up, come check them out at our lovely shop.

Letterman stands approximately 7" tall. Includes a new camo jacket and basketball shorts, 2 spray cans (shake 'em and they rattle,) keys, sketchbook, shades, baseball bat, and bookbag which holds some of the accessories.
Signstein stands approximately 7" tall and features a new white skin tone. Includes a new overcoat and hooded t-shirt, 2 spray cans (shake 'em and they rattle,) removable hat, welding mask, and backpack which holds some accessories.
Vapor stands approximately 7" tall and includes a new painter's coverall zip-up, 2 spray cans (shake 'em and they rattle,) fence cutters, wrench and removable hat (take it off to unveil a nappy surprise.)
Fat Cap stands approximately 7" tall and is molded in an alternate skin tone. Includes removable orange vest, 1 large spray can (shake it and it rattles), alternate cloth hats and a black messenger bag.


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