Monday 15 June 2009

Presuming On His Senses! Sparky O'Hare

Lovely to see another title from German illustrator Mawil who produced We Can Still Be Friends last year. Unlike We Can Still... a gentle, grounded story that found humor in heartache, Sparky O'Hare: Master Electrician is pure cartoon comedy. The first smile is raised when you look at the back of the book which shows three moments of disaster in history (sinking of the Titanic etc) whilst explaining that at each event a descendant of Sparky O'Hare happened to to be an employee. Cut to the present and Sparky O'Hare - who's a rabbit by the way - starts work as a resident electrician for a small office.

Each page of the book presents a four-panel joke but there is a narrative of sorts and whilst the comedy is broad, the art appears effortlessly cute and thoroughly charming (once again). The handy, pocket-sized format of the book compliments the package perfectly. In store for £5.

Note: Apologies for the artwork examples featuring German text - the available edition is in English - but you can still get the idea of the wit and charm.

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