Monday 26 October 2009

Presuming on his Senses! Abecederia

Nobrow are making a noise publishing the abstract and one title that particularly caught our eye is Abecederia (try saying that five times). Written and drawn by the French artist Blexbolex (Bernard Granger to his friends) it tells the surreal story of two bank-robbing brothers who, whilst on the run, end up in the jungles of Katagonia in a penal colony called Abecederia. The story then becomes a twisted version of 1984 and The Island of Doctor Moreau as the brothers are forced to endure surreal, oppressive duties at the command of the mysterious Doctor Praxis. It has a hypnotically engaging narrative told in blocks of text under the wonderfully surreal, sometimes violent visuals. The use of three spot coloring strangely brings to mind old Hitchcock movie posters but with somewhat alien silhouettes. As for the title? Each page features a letter of the alphabet. And yes, I did miss that on the first reading. Only £9. Here's some more from Blexbolex:

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