Friday 9 October 2009

Swoon Now - Lovely Eleanor Davis

The Secret Science Alliance
(and the Case of the Copycat Crook)
• written and drawn by Eleanor, inked by Drew - published by Bloomsbury Books, 154 pages, full color.
Eleanor's first full-length graphic novel for kids. The publisher's description:

"Supersmart Julian Calendar thinks moving to a new school will mean he can shed his nerdy image—but then he meets Ben and Greta, two secret scientists like himself. The three form a covert club, complete with a high-tech lair. There, they can work to their hearts content on projects like the Stink-O-Meter, the Kablovsky Copter, and the Nightsneak Goggles. All that tinkering comes in handy when the trio discovers an evil scientist’s dastardly plan to rob a museum. Can three inventors, armed with their wacky creations, hope to defeat this criminal mastermind?"

Beautiful and elaborate layouts, cutaway views, puzzles. See some preview pages here.
In stock / £8.50 /and lovely.

By the way she is REALLY talented.
Here be her old webby site.

Here's a fairly current interview conducted earlier this year.

Look look!A beautiful sculpture of the main protagonists from Hansel and Gretel...
Another feather in Miss Eleanor's bonnet be 'Little House Comics' a joint venture with the equally wonderful Drew Weing.
They are by there own admission a 'super-powered cartoonist couple' so don't mess with them!
You can purchase their gorgeous mini comics and prints from the site.
We all love her lots and lots.

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