Monday 29 March 2010

Swoon Now! Hey Princess & The 120 Days of Simon

Two titles have arrived from Top Shelf sharing not only a handy handbag/manbag size but a country of origin: Sweden.

Firstly, Hey Princess by Mats Jonsson recounts the author's relationships from losing his virginity through the following six years. The art is naive and expressive enough to capture the neuroses of the suitably analytical observations that should keep any Jeffrey Brown fan amused.

Secondly, in The 120 Days Of Simon cartoonist/rapper/tv show presenter Simon Gardenfors recounts the 120 days he spent traveling Sweden living off the kindness of strangers. He draws in a cute animated style so that no matter how depraved his actions (drink, drugs, sex) it all comes across as playful.

Although both books would be racked in the autobio-comics genre, they are opposites in not only style but theme. 120 Days... is literally about living for the moment and the book exists as a result of an adventurous whim, whereas Hey Princess is a more personal, melancholic relationship autopsy (Jonsson's book finishes in 1999 and he admits he needed a suitable gap before returning to this period of his life). Both benefit from the smaller size as it feels as though you're looking through an old diary. Only much, much thicker. And both are £11.

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