Friday 5 March 2010

Swoon Now! Sam Hiti goodness

We've drawn attention to him before but just arrived in the shop this week is a whole caseload of our new favourite artist; Sam Hiti. Firstly we have the prologue for his current ongoing sci-fi project: Death Day. Yes I know we said it's available online but not only are we talking about an artist whose work is worth owning but the incredibly generous Hiti has sketched a unique picture on the cover of each one (and we ordered more than a few copies). Have a look at the clip at the bottom of the post for an insight.
We also have volumes one and two of his bits and pieces collection Goulash containing strips and sketches of madness, monsters and movie influences. Finally (and my personal favourite) is El Largo Tren Oscuro - The Long Dark Train - a landscape book filled with nightmare visions during a surreal train journey. All books cost between £5 and £7.50.

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