Monday 26 July 2010

Swoon Now! Scott Pilgrim, Mondo Urbano & The Troll King

It finally arrived last Thursday. What? The Walking Dead volume 12 (Image) I hear you say. Okay yes that has also finally arrived amid much baited breath, but the other hotly anticipated book that arrived is the final part of Bryan Lee O'Mallley's Scott Pilgrim (Oni) saga also known as Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour or simply volume six. It's the little series that people have been making a big noise about for some time and with the movie due around the corner it's finally getting the profile it deserves. It's been a series brimming with ideas and energy and glowing reviews are pouring in for this final installment ("It's been a while since I've been so emotionally satisfied by the end of a series of books, and I have to hand it to O'Malley for simultaneously giving his readers exactly what they've been wanting while still pulling a lot of surprises out of his hat." Comic Book Resources) so jump on board.If you enjoy Scott Pilgrim it's not such a short walk to another release this week Mondo Urbano (also from Oni) by Mateus Santolouco, Eduardo Medeiros and Rafael Albuquerque (who has been providing art for the Stephen King project American Vampire). It's about sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll and selling your soul to the devil - through various points of view we get to know the story of Van Hudson who became very successful at the first three on the list by apparently doing the fourth. The books seems simple but the fractured storytelling is really quite clever and all three artists split the illustrating duties which keeps the energy level high. Bleeding Cool have an untranslated preview here.

And finally, to balance out the week try Kolbeinn Karlsson's The Troll King (Top Shelf) which explores our relationship with nature through surreal, almost wordless storytelling managing to both comfort and sometimes repulse with its imagery. It's a book that's crying out to be interpreted and for the subtext to be explored.Scott Pilgrim volume 6 is £8. Mondo Urbano is £9. The Troll King is £11. And Walking Dead volume 12 is £11.

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