Tuesday 2 November 2010

Swoon Now! Digested by Bobby N.

Bobby N. has made it to my list of New Favourite Comic Creators in just a few short steps. He first caught my eye producing a twisted little serial killer tale called Withheld (click on the link and treat yourself to his amazing pages) published in the off-beat horror anthology Flinch (gestalt). But he really got me with his current project Digested (gestalt). It's a wonderful little on-going series currently at issue two, filled with very short but rather profound stories: a continuing story titled Oxygen which takes a turn to the surreal and further vignettes which tap into the amusing vagaries of life. It's beautifully detailed, confident and expressive with just a hint of the fluid worry lines of Dave Cooper.

I can't think of many artists who can draw such powerfully evocative pages simply through a sense of place and character.

I can already feel the breeze in the chilly night air...

I think he's a real talent but don't just take my word for it: Immerse yourself in Bobby N.'s blog and website and then pop down to see us for Digested #1 (£2.50) and #2 (£7.50) and Flinch (£9).

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