Monday 24 January 2011

Swoon Soon! Weekly Treats & Stigmata

It's nearly Wednesday - new comic day! Except that it isn't. Just when I was getting my body used to the shock of a rearranged week, Marvel pull an international media promotional stunt and release Fantastic Four #587 a day early. So be here on Tuesday afternoon for your special copy (see previous post). Then get home, read it, get in the know and then shake yourself down, seek solace with a loved one (it's going to be a tear-jerker), get a good nights sleep and be back the next day for yet another Marvel onslaught (hey that's kind of catchy).It's one of those weeks that makes you wonder if all Marvels titles have shipped in one week. DC on the other hand take it slow, steady and measured like a good butter substitute spread. Anyway the full list will be available soon under the Features tab.

Thicker comics, with spines and everything? Jack of Fables vol. 8 surfaces along with the timeless Saga of the Swamp Thing vol. 4 hardcover reprint (both from DC). Also Killer vol. 3 and Okko vol. 3 (both from Archia).

However the book of the week though is undoubtedly Stigmata (Fantagraphics) by screenwriter Claudio Piersanti and the masterful expressionistic artist Lorenzo Mattotti.The book is a charactrer study about a "shamboling lug of a man" who one day finds he is touched by stigmata.
There's an enormous preview over at ComicBookResources.

Anyone else sensing a deathly theme to this week? Brrrr.

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