Friday 18 March 2011

This Week (from the 14th March) I Have Been Mostly...

 ...Admiring the handsome new hardcover collection of Shaun Tan's The Red Tree, The Lost Thing and Rabbits entitled Lost & Found (Arthur A. Levine).

...Conducting internal dialogues between myself, Marvel and DC about selling comics inspired by The Beat's reporting of the annual ComicsPRO meeting between retailers and publishers (see here).

...Wondering if I'll ever get round to offering a vote in the Eagle Award 2011 nominations (see here).

...Sleeping badly because of Brecht Evens' disturbing Pinokkio (see here).

...Smiling at Warren Ellis' challenges to his blog readers: Design a poster for a Spider-Man film directed by David Lynch (see here), an Iron Man movie poster directed by Stanley Kubrick (see here), or re-design the cover for Fantastic Four #1 (see here).

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