Tuesday 19 April 2011

Weekly Treats! 20th April & Delirium's Party

Don't pretend you don't know anything about the collective known as SuicideGirls. They've been orchestrating a lifestyle-brand-movement of self-titled alternative beauty (nudge-wink) for the last decade. Well they take the first step towards the mainstream with their very own Suicide Girls four issue comic so expect an HBO series any second now. 

Avengers #12 brings the Infinity Gauntlet story to a close promising the introduction of a new cosmic entity and Invincible Iron Man #503 ties into Fear Itself. There's also Batman #709 which completes a three issue crossover with Red Robin and Gotham City Sirens and the War of the Green Lanterns continues apace in Green Lantern #65 with one of those reveal-the-mystery-guest covers. And to balance out the week Robert (Walking Dead and Invincible for goodness sake) Kirkman launches Super Dinosaur #1 to sit alongside your copy of Axe Cop.


And finally, if those chocolate eggs don't satisfy your sweetness fix, Jill Thompson has released a follow-up volume to her Sandman related Little Endless Storybook entitled Delirium's Party (DC). The Beast of Burden and Magic Trixie artist serves up brightness, vibrancy and most of all cuteness.

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