Tuesday 21 June 2011

Weekly Treats and Chester 5000

Jess Fink has been producing cute comic porn for some time but it's not a category that gets you a lot of international recognition. Chester 5000 (Top Shelf, ironically) may change that for her. Originally seen on her website (see here) it's a love triangle with a difference. Set in 1885, an inventor creates a sex robot to keep his wife amused only for robot and wife to fall in love. If you're thinking you may know of a genial comic writer who would be interested in Chester 5000 you'd be right as Alan Moore has complimented the work calling it "liquid and elegantly stylised".

Keys and locks? Don't worry folks; it gets more explicit...
 For a detailed article about the book - watch out for the rude bits - see here.

It's pornographic, it's wordless, it's Victorian, it's a human-robot love story, it's steampunk, and it's all done with charm. That ticks so many different boxes for presents - this Christmas everyone gets one (except the kids).

I also want to mention Gingerbread Girl (Top Shelf again) by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover for the simple reason that when I researched the title I came across this panel shown below which made me smile. There's a glowing review of the book at ReadAboutComics (see here).

As ever (except when there's not) there are plenty of Weekly Treats. The CLASSIFIED Ultimate Spider-Man #160 is a biggie of course but there's more Fear badness with the likes of the chunky Thunderbolts #159 and check out the cover for Thor #3 - 'nuff said. I'm rather keen to see more of the DCU version of John Constantine in Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search #1 and more Flashpoint including Reverse Flash (more powerful than ever by all accounts). And finally how about All Nighter #1 by David Hahn; the first of a five issue series originally written as a graphic novel for the cancelled DC Minx line and now snapped up by the ever-expanding Image Comics (excerpt below).

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