Thursday 19 January 2012

I Can Do That! A Word About Writing...

Two chaps I think are in consistently strong form offer a couple of soundbites regarding their craft.  I would say that for anyone thinking of giving it a go the points raised regarding content (characters in conflict, environment in change) and form (selling to the artist) are pretty crucial.  First up is Warren Ellis on his blog (see here) warning writers not to get lazy.

"Investigate art, even if your drawing hand, like mine, behaves more like a flipper. Understanding what is joyful about illustration is important. It’s important to create a thing that will delight an artist."

Next is Brian Wood interviewed on Suvudu (see here).  Fans of the soon-to-end DMZ may be interested to read comments on his new series The Massive (Dark Horse) out in June.

"Personally, I like to create situations where I can put my characters through hell, where they are forced to examine who they are and why they do what they do, and how those actions can affect others. I like hard time and tragedies and stories of struggle."

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