Thursday, 19 April 2012

Swoon Now! The Adventures of Leeroy & Popo

Just in from NoBrow Press (which should make you prick up your ears) is an excellent little book called The Adventures of Leeroy and Popo, the debut graphic novel by the talented Louis Roskosch (see here for his blog).  It's essentially a gentle slacker tale which, in other hands could have been dour and dispiriting; the words 'adventures of...' in the title is something of a joke of course because the essence of a slacker story is that the protagonists expend a lot of energy going nowhere and story starts with a world of adventure that turns out to be a virtual one. But, of course they certainly talk a good game...

While the dialogue is witty and fresh (which is ironic really), the characters are alive (Rick Rooney could be a legendary character) and the plot (of sorts) moves swiftly, the artwork is utterly charming and filled with personality.  Let's hope it's the start of a long, prolific career.

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