Tuesday 15 May 2012

Weekly Treats! Avengers vs X-Men, Green Lantern

It's pretty much all about the powers baby this week. DC continues the release of their new number ones and Green Lantern vol. 1: Sinestro by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke gets the hardcover treatment.  Considering that the whole DC re-boot/launch (delete as appropriate) was supposed to be an ideal jumping on point for new readers it was brave of Johns to focus on Sinestro as the Green Lantern but I don't think he really wanted to upset the story he telling.  And why not? GL may have the perfect creative team at the moment and the richest ongoing story.

When Judd Winick and Guillem March relaunched Catwoman the first issue caused a few eybrows to be raised and one or two fingers to be wagged.  However as Catwoman vol. 1: The Game progresses, the lurid accusations are given a context and everyone breathes easy again.  Nice, curvy, convex mirror-style art from March.

Deadenders (Vertigo) by Ed Brubaker & Warren Pleece was originally released as a 16 issue series in 2000 and now gets a chunky (390 pages) paperback release.  It's sci-fi with mopeds; lead protagonist Beezer is having pre-apocalyptic visions and needs to decipher them before he's hunted down by corrupt police. 

Weekly Treats! AvX is turning out to be something of hit for Marvel both in critical and sales terms. Avengers Vs X-Men #4 (Marvel) is still illustrated by John Romita Jnr. but this time written by Jonathan Hickman

Also out (surely a misjudgement on Marvel's part) is my eldest son's most favourite comic in the whole universe AVX: Vs. #2 featuring the rather curious choice of Captain America vs. Gambit and Salvador Larroca illustrates Spider-Man vs Colossus.

There's a great Spider-Man story going on at the moment and it gets a one-shot tie-in in the form of Amazing Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth #1 plus Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons's Secret Service #2 continues the making of a teenage James Bond (both Marvel).  Geoff Johns and Jim Lee begin a new story arc in Justice League #9 featuring (collector alert) a new nemesis and for those glued to the Night of the Owls Batman story, the cross-over continues in Gotham titles including Nightwing #9 (both DC).  BPRD: The Devil's Engine #1 (Dark Horse) begins a new 3-part story and in Dancer #1 (Image) Nathan Edmonson & Nic Klein bring us cat-and-mouse action with an ex-assassin, a dancer and a dark investigation.

As ever, the entire list of releases is waiting for you just a click away near the top of the page.

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