Thursday, 28 June 2012

Signing! James Pearson signs Bayou Arcana

Intruigingly described as Southern gothic Bayou Arcana (Markosia) is an anthology featuring eleven stories set in mystical swampland alive with lost souls and housing runaway slaves.  An interesting feature of the book is that all the stories are written by men but illustrated by women.  It's the brain child of Brighton-based James Pearson who also wrote one of the stories. Quoted from TheGuardian website (see here) Pearson had this to say:

"There is a certain sensitivity that you find in women's art that just does not appear in a lot of guys' work," says James Pearson, who edited the anthology, which follows the story of escaped slaves taking refuge in a swamp. The way that they interpret the horror has an added depth to it – and that is part of the experiment. It's actually a really sensitive approach to quite visceral subject matter."

There's an interview with the writers and artists on ComicBookGRRRL (see here) but if you'd like a more personal response to a question - whether it be how the project came about or on the gender issue, or the horror genre - then I'd suggest coming to the shop on Saturday between 1pm & 4pm as James Pearson will be signing copies of the book.

Accompanying James Pearson for the signing will be illustrator Patrick Walsh signing the lovely-looking The Reckoning:

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