Monday 9 July 2012

Swoon Soon-ish! Fashion Beast

Balancing up the Before Watchmen publicity, here's an image of Fashion Beast, a 10 issue series out in September that adapts a screenplay Alan Moore wrote with Malcolm McLaren in 1985 (the same hot period in which Moore produced V for Vendetta, Watchmen, Swamp Thing and Miracleman).  Published by Avatar it's adapted by writer Anthony Johnston and illustrator Facudo Percio. Here's the lowdown from Avatar (see here): 

Fashion Beast introduces young Doll Seguin, a spirited and sassy coat-checker working at a trendy nightclub. While the world outside fears an oncoming nuclear war, Doll escapes into the carefree lifestyle of music and decadence, a fantasy inspired by the fashion designs of the mysterious Celestine. Catching the deformed recluse’s eye, Doll is drawn helplessly into a sordid tale of tragic lies, false identities, fear, and violence.

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