Tuesday 7 August 2012

Weekly Treats! Cardboard, Rasl, OMAC, Grendel

Can you believe that it's already time for some more Weekly Treat-ery? Time flies in the holiday season. Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #2 of 6 (DC) stars more suitably majestic art from Jae Lee and is written by Len Wein who has also been writing the back-up story.

“Why not just kill me now and be done with it?” 

Gambit #1 (Marvel) gives the X-Man another crack at his own series focusing a little more on the high-stakes thief side to his character. Written by James Asmus and illustrated by Clay Mann.

Daredevil Annual #1 (Marvel) is Alan Davis's second of three (Fantastic Four the first, Wolverine to come) that feature his Clandestine group. The covers will link up - I love it when covers come together.

There's a few all ages graphic novels out this week as we approach the middle of the school holidays starting with the phenominally successful series based on the Lego toys: Ninjago vol 4 Tomb of the Fangpyre (Papercutz). But the big release for me is the new book from Doug TeNapel who is going great guns focusing on high-concept all ages original graphic novels - and the industry really needs them. After the likes of Power Up, Bad Island and Ghostopolis comes Cardboard (Scholastic). When a down-on-his-luck Dad takes a chance on a cheap birthday present (actually all he can afford) for his son, Cam is shocked to learn that it's a cardboard box. Both feel somewhat cheated but decide to make a man out of the cardboard which, by the following morning has comes to life... TenNapel's books are like Spielberg movies from the 80's with sensitive characters, a focus on the family unit and big dollop of scary fun to keep things from getting twee. See here for his deliciously opinionated website.

Of course if you're interested in all ages graphic novels then the Bone series is essential reading. With his new series creator Jeff Smith may have travelled the relatively short distance from fantasy to sci-fi but Rasl, about an inter-dimensional art thief, was pretty far removed from Bone. Still a smart, character-led piece of work it was aimed squarely at the adult market. Rasl vol 4 Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla (Cartoon Books) brings the saga to an close.

OMAC vol 1 Omactivate was one of my favourite of the DC re-boot titles. Unfortunately destined for the chop due to poor sales Dan Didio & Keith Giffen's 8 issue run was great fun being both refreshing and reminiscent of simpler times. Collected here, the whole series which makes it great value. 

Grendel Omnibus vol. 1 (Dark Horse) Talking of great value; to celebrate it's 30th anniversary Dark Horse begin to collect Matt Wagner's epic crime saga featuring Hunter Rose and the criminal mastermind Grendel illustrated by a host of recognised artists.

And finally: the comprehensive Supergods (Vintage) story of Grant Morrison's life and life in comics now in portable size but also now in lime... See here for a review at GraphicNovelReporter.

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