Thursday, 15 November 2012

Swoon Soon-ish! Jupiter's Children

Aiming for no less than the scope of Lord of the Rings or the Star Wars saga, Mark Millar's Jupiter's Children (Image) is a planned 12 issue series and follows the holy trinity law by breaking the series up into the three parts. That may be wise as the artist accompanying him on the series is the brilliant but rather slow-working Frank Quitely. The story has been a closely guarded secret - a pretty rare thing in comics these days - and has only been referred to as a multi-generational sci-fi, superhero epic. At least now, thanks to an exclusive from TheHollywoodReporter (see here) we have some character sketches to speculate over:

In the same way that Frank Miller has always said that all his pre-Sin City work was preparation for, or least allowed him to be in the position to do Sin City, Mark Millar has said that all his previous work has been "training" for Jupuiter's Children. In fact he's so serious about the project he says he won't sell the movie rights until the project is finished...

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