Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Weekly Treats! DC New 52 Volume Two's, Superior Spider-Man

Excuse the quick run through - there are a ton of housekeeping jobs to plough though this time of year and yet quality comic releases don't rest for no beast so....

The main headline is that the second wave of DC Nu52 books arrive on our shores:  Geoff Johns has a knack of making the comic he's writing seem vital in the DCU. Green Lantern vol. 2 Revenge Of The Black Hand finds Hal Jordan & Sinestro still teamed up bringing a sense that a huge bomb is waiting to go off. Illustrated by a variety of artists including essential GL artist Doug Mahnke. Volume 1 is also out in paperback this week. Wonder Woman vol. 2 Guts continues Brian Azzarello & Cliff Chiang's successful run on the series delving into god mythology as Wonder Woman takes a trip to the Underworld. The first volume is out in paperback this week too. Batwoman vol. 2 To Drown The World makes a hardcover appearance written by JH Williams III (cover different to the one shown). And finally Jeff Lemire's Animal Man vol. 2 Animal vs Man sees an always welcome guest appearance by John Constantine. Rounding out the DC dominance is the paperback edition of Batman Incorporated featuring a host of illustrators and written by Grant Morrison.

For the monthlies the big release is Superior Spider-Man #1 (Marvel) by the defining modern era SM writer Dan Slott; staying on to clean up the mess he made turning things upside down in ASM #698-700. Ryan Stegman is the new illustrator. And finally Star Wars #1 (Dark Horse) set immediately after the movie when Empires ruled and Rebels ran. Written by Brian Wood, illustrated by Carlos D'Anda and with a striking cover by Alex Ross.

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