Thursday, 28 March 2013

Signing! Warren & Gary Pleece sign Montague Terrace

"This book, brought to you by Warren and Gary Pleece, two legends of the British comics scene, is completely demented."

And so opens The Guardian review of Montague Terrace (Jonathan Cape) which receives its official launch here in the shop on Thursday 4th April between 6-8pm and attended by Warren Pleece and Gary Pleece

Both the Pleece brothers have been in comics for a long time and Warren Pleece has worked on titles such as Hellblazer, Lucifer and The Invisibles. In this new book short stories focus on different characters living in the flats of Montague Terrace (although not exclusively as you'll sometimes spot them walking through each others story) and fortunately for us they're an extraordinary mix of rather tragic individuals. There's a failed a pop star, a washed-up magician, an ex-WWII spy still playing war games and plenty more; some appear to be affected by otherworldly forces, some are flirting with a decent into madness. In fact, you could argue that all the characters are suffering with varying degrees of madness and that the reader is seeing the world as they see it - the puppeteer who has control over world events, the drug-addicted writer investigating a secret cult, the assassin camped out in wait for his target.


Or the whole thing is, as The Guardian suggest, demented - either way works. See here for the full review and here for an interview with the Pleece brothers on Newsarama. But why not come along on Thursday and ask them yourself about it....

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