Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Weekly Treats! Montagure Terrace SIGNING!

This week you'll have the pleasure of getting Book of the Week signed in store as Montague Terrace (Jonathan Cape) receives its official launch attended by both Warren Pleece and Gary Pleece. They'll be here between 6-8pm on Thursday. For more information regarding this dark, slightly twisted collection of stories scroll down to the previous post below.

When DC re-launched a couple of years ago they commendably gave some their illustrators a crack at writing duties. Tony Daniel had been visibly developing on the Grant Morrison Detective Comics and he kicked the door down when he took over with a first issue that contained a chat-worthy last page. Now in paperback Batman: Detective Comics vol. 1 Faces of Death. And Marvel are wisely re-issuing the Iron Man Extremis collection as it's apparently rather heavily tapped into for the Iron Man 3 movie. Written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Adi Granov (who's previously provided movie concept work) it arguably gave the character its biggest upgraded for many years.

A trinity of new titles deserve your attention this week. The Marvel Juggernaut is trundling along nicely this year with the NOW! launches and Age of Ultron (#4 out this week) and now there's Thanos Rising #1 of 5. If all you know of Thanos is his grinning face at the end of the Avengers movie then you'll want to tune in here but for the regulars Marvel promise that the seeds for what comes after NOW! are sown here. Simone Bianchi's art will suit the galactic setting & if Jason Arron writes a story anywhere near as grand as his current Thor, we'll all be happy. 

Abe Sapien: Dark & Terrible #1 (Dark Horse) sees Abe on the run from BPRD in America in an ongoing series; written by Mike Mignola & nice work from illustrator Sebastian Fiumara. And finally, have you noticed how Avatar seems to be the place to go for writers who want to get their nightmares off your chest. Fans of Keiron Gillen may be in for a shock with his new title; published, of course by Avatar. Uber #0 begins an ongoing series set in 1945 at the close of the war... or so we think. Enter the "mixed enhanced humans". No doubt there will be blood.

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