Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Weekly Treats! In The Kitchen With Alain Passard & Godzilla!

Christophe Blain
Here's a wonderful hybrid of a book that utilises the potential of the medium in the vein of The Photographer by Emmanuel Guilbert (which told the real-life biography of a photographer mixing sequential art storytelling with the original photographs). In The Kitchen With Alain Passard (Chronicle) explores the world of the highly-regarded French chef, written and illustrated by another French master; Christophe Blain. This isn't really a biography; what it does is to convey the essence of the man and of his life at the moment by infusing actual recipes and 'how-to' illustrations with conversations with Passard, observations in the kitchen, tours of Passard's gardens and anecdotes from a junior chef colleague. Blain brings it all together by writing himself into the book - on one level it is almost a book about writing a book about a chef. This means that he is not only our gushing tour guide but also the method to communicate, in a slightly self-deprecatingly over-the-top way, the taste and aroma of the food. This is all done with Blain's usual economic but wonderfully expressive line-work. 

Taken from the French edition

Just as child-like Christophe Blain's love and enthusiasm for food drips off every page within In The Kitchen... with our second featured book there's also a sense that the creator was just itching to get their hands on the project. Looking at Godzilla: Half Century War (IDW) it feels as if writer/artist James Stokoe (previously of Orc Stain) is the proverbial kid in a sweet shop. There's fabulous energy to the artwork - any double page spread could be an old movie poster - but also a glorious attention to detail capturing both the scale and devastation of the destruction. The story takes us back to 1954 when Godzilla first hits Japan...

For the weeklies, there's a significant moment in Green Lantern #20 (DC) history with Geoff Johns' last bumper issue on his almost decade-spanning run of the series and a great cover on the impossibly hip Young Avengers #5 (Marvel). A new Tank Girl series is always welcome, this one - Solid State Tank Girl #1 (Titan) of 4 - showcases the nicely quirky artwork of Warwick Johnson-Cadwell and Occupy Comics #1 brings together comic legends such as Alan Moore and Art Spiegelman to pontificate on the themes, ideals and goals of the Occupy movement whilst raising money for the cause.

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