Saturday, 7 September 2013


I See the Promised Land 

Revised Edition 

 “The result is interesting in its difference, a kind of folk art-illustrated essay where the images are primitive but affecting.” -Comics Worth Reading

'I See The Promised Land' narrates the life of Martin Luther King. African-American writer and griot, bard and blues singer Arthur Flowers does the telling, while Patua artist Manu Chitrakar adapts King’s life to the colour and vivid grammar of his art.

Patua artists from Bengal in eastern India are traditional scroll-painters who create vivid art out of all kinds of narratives - from fables and classical tales to contemporary news items. Keeping this in mind, Tara Books has a evolved graphic novel featuring Patua art.

This extraordinary telling is replete with destiny, the will of gods, fate and the human condition. Traversing the milestones of King’s short life, his ministry and journey, this graphic narrative brings together two very different yet equally dramatic traditions of story-telling.

Tara Books is an independent publisher of picture books for adults and children based in Chennai, South India. Founded in 1994, we remain a collective of dedicated writers, designers and artists who strive for a union of fine form with rich content. We continue to work with a growing tribe of adventurous people from around the world. Fiercely independent, we publish a select list that straddles diverse genres, offering our readers unusual and rare voices in art and literature.

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