Monday 30 March 2015


New Graphic Novels and Trades for this week, from Wednesday April 1st

Graphic Novels / Trades

Dark Horse Comics
Blade Of The Immortal TP 13 Final Curtain

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Kazuo Koike (A) Goseki Kojima (CA) Frank Miller, Lynn Varley

Yagy? Retsud?'s failure to stop ?gami Itt? has brought an ultimatum from the sh?gun: kill the Lone Wolf or face execution. But Yagy? will not go forth empty handed. To aid his cause, the sh?gun places the Firewatchers-his own elite bodyguards-under Yagy?'s command! Collects three stories from Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 17, all of volume 18, and two stories from vol19.
Brodys Ghost TP
Dark Horse Comics

(W/A/CA) Mark Crilley

Having used his newfound supernatural powers to solve Talia's murder, Brody has mere hours to stop his ex-girlfriend from becoming the next victim. But first, he'll have to pull his greatest feat yet-convincing a furious Talia to help him escape from jail!
Dark Ages TP

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) I.N.J. Culbard

1333: The known world is locked in a holy war. As a godless mercenary company slogs across Europe in search of sustenance and coin, they encounter a demonic force born not of hell, but from beyond the stars! Collects Dark Ages #1-#4.
Demo TP

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Brian Wood (A) Becky Cloonan (CA) Brian Wood, Becky Cloonan
It's hard enough being a teenager. Now try being a teenager with powers. Demo chronicles the lives of young people who are on their separate journeys to self-discovery in a world-just like our own-where being different is feared.
Elf Quest The Final Quest TP

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Wendy Pini, Richard Pini (A/CA) Wendy Pini
The dream that Chief Cutter and his Wolfriders fought and died for, the Palace of the High Ones, may be the very thing destroying them. The skills that helped them survive the harsh world are fading, and there is a growing threat from a tyrant obsessed with exterminating all elves-creating a disastrous brew that must surely boil over. Collects ElfQuest: The Final Quest #1-#6 and The Final Quest Special.
Empowered Unchained TP vol 01

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Adam Warren (A) Adam Warren & Various (CA) Adam Warren, Rob Porter

With every Empowered Special collected under one vast roof, Empowered Unchained sprays a shrapnel salvo of sizzling superhero satire, written by the almighty Adam Warren and illustrated by Warren and comicdom's most feared makers of pictures heroic! Featuring grave-robbing supervillains! Broom-swinging vigilantes! Slutty cyberangels! Animal crimebots! Boozy ninja! Angry spaceships! And more!

Eve Universe Art Of New Eden HC

Dark Horse Comics

(W/A/CA) Ccp Games

Revealing over a decade of images created during the development of EVE Online, DUST 514, and EVE: Valkyrie, this is the ultimate look at the most massive and dynamic universe in video games!

Created in close collaboration with the developers behind each game, this gorgeous full-color hardcover immerses readers in New Eden through hundreds of stunning, never-before-seen pieces of art. With in-depth commentary by CCP throughout, this is a must-have for any fan of science fiction, video games, or jaw-dropping visuals!
Girlfiend TP

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Arnold Pander, Jacob Pander (A) Jacob Pander, Arnold Pander (CA) Arnold Pander, Jacob Pander

The Pander brothers are back and bloodthirsty with Girlfiend, their new vampire crime thriller! This meaty graphic novel finds the brothers doing what they do best: Taking comics to the edge. Sink your teeth into this pulp-infused thriller, as a human and his vampire girlfriend must hunt the criminal underworld to keep their love alive!
Goon TP Vol 14

Dark Horse Comics

(W/A/CA) Eric Powell

What's left of the Zombie Priest's race of witches comes after the Goon, forcing him to face his nightmares or lose his town! This volume collects Occasion of Revenge #1-#4.
Groo VS Conan TP

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Mark Evanier (A/CA) Sergio Aragones, Tom Yeates

The indomitable barbarian Conan meets the insufferable birdbrain Groo in this comic crossover centuries in the making! Only in the addled brain of Sergio Aragonés, with help from Mark Evanier and Thomas Yeates, could these mismatched warriors ever cross swords! Fantasy adventure has never been so dumb, or so fun! Collects #1-#4.
Lone Wolf & Cub Omnibus vol 08

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Kazuo Koike (A) Goseki Kojima (CA) Frank Miller, Lynn Varley

Yagy? Retsud?'s failure to stop ?gami Itt? has brought an ultimatum from the sh?gun: kill the Lone Wolf or face execution. But Yagy? will not go forth empty handed. To aid his cause, the sh?gun places the Firewatchers-his own elite bodyguards-under Yagy?'s command! Collects three stories from Lone Wolf and Cub Volume 17, all of volume 18, and two stories from vol19.
Pop TP

Dark Horse Comics

(W) Curt Pires (A) Jason Copland (CA) Dylan Todd

What if the world's pop stars and celebrities were literally products, grown by the world's wealthiest (i.e., most depraved) minds-and one of them escaped? Collects the four-issue miniseries.

"Jason Copland's artwork along with Pete Toms's colors fit this story perfectly. The style Copland uses and the colors that Toms chooses give this a very pop art feel." -Big Comic Page
Terminator Salvation Final battle TP
Dark Horse Comics

(W) J. Michael Straczynski (A/CA) Pete Woods

The war's last day is here, as psychopath Thomas Parnell's control of the Terminator army threatens to crush both sides! Only John Connor stands against the killer-until Skynet sends an unexpected offer of parley. But with Connor's foretold death nearing, is it too late?! Collects Terminator Salvation: The Final Battle #7-#12!
DC Comics
Absolute Green Arrow HC

DC Comics

(W) Kevin Smith (A) Phil Hester, Ande Parks (CA) Matt Wagner

In these tales from issues #1-15, Green Arrow is back from the dead, leading the Dark Knight to investigate his mysterious return, while a silent killer targets costumed vigilantes...
DC Comics Zero Year

DC Comics

(W) Scott Snyder & Various (A) Greg Capullo & Various

Six years ago, Gotham City weathered its greatest test as The Riddler shut down all power days before a terrifying superstorm! But the Dark Knight isn't the only hero to surface during this moment in time known as the ZERO YEAR! Journey back to the Zero Year to see the early tales of DC's greatest heroes and heroines in stories from Batman #24-25, Detective Comics #25, Batgirl #25, Batwing #25, Batwoman #25, Birds of Prey #25, Catwoman #25, The Flash #25, Green Arrow #25, Green Lantern Corps #25, Nightwing #25, Red Hood and The Outlaws #25 and Action Comics #25.
Showcase Presents The Flash A Celebration Of 75 Years

DC Comics

(W) Gardner Fox & Various (A) Carmine Infantino & Various (CA) Andy Kubert, Joe Kubert

THE FLASH: A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS collects a wide range of stories featuring the Scarlet Speedster from his seven decades as a mainstay in the DC Comics universe. From the original Flash, Jay Garrick, to his successors Barry Allen and Wally West, the mantle of this beloved hero has made him burst beyond the printed page into a pop culture symbol. This anthology collects stories by legendary writers including Gardner Fox, John Broome and Geoff Johns.
New Teen Titans TP Vol 2

DC Comics

(W) Marv Wolfman, George Perez (A) George Perez, Romeo Tanghal (CA) George Perez

In these stories from NEW TEEN TITANS #9-16, the team must stop the Puppeteer from stealing plans for the deadly Promethium Project from Dayton Industries, unaware that Deathstroke is also after them! And after arriving on Paradise Island to save an injured Changeling, they must help the Amazons battle the Titans of myth!
Wonder Woman TP vol 5

DC Comics

(W) Brian Azzarello (A) Cliff Chiang & Various (CA) Cliff Chiang

Wonder Woman's life is changed when she is called on to take the place of War! In these stories from issues #24-29 and WONDER WOMAN #23.2 FIRST BORN, Diana must decide if this path is one she wants to take. But there's no time to consider the fallout as her family prepares for an assault on Olympus!
Wonder Woman HC vol 6

DC Comics

(W) Brian Azzarello (A) Cliff Chiang, Goran Sudzuka (CA) Cliff Chiang

In this final WONDER WOMAN volume by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang Olympus must fall, and its rightful ruler must be restored. Wonder Woman is locked in desperate battle with the First Born with the destiny of immortals at stake in these stories from WONDER WOMAN #30-35 and a story from SECRET ORIGINS #6.
IDW Comics
Tarzan The Complete Russ Manning Newspaper Strips vol4 1974-79

IDW Comics

In the series conclusion, the final nine Sunday storylines by Russ Manning, in which Tarzan returns to Opar, Pellucidar, and Castra Sanguinarius, while Korak finds himself at the Sacred Lake of Krackao and the Elephants' Graveyard. Collecting the complete strips run from March 24, 1974 through June 24, 1979.
Image Comics
Elephantman 2066 book 2 The Red Queen

Image Comics

(W) Richard Starkings (A) Axel Medellin (CA) Boo Cook

Sahara is in hiding, ready to give birth to Obadiah Horn's baby. Her father, Joshua Serengheti, is intent on hunting her down to prevent a hybrid child from coming into the world...Hip Flask, Jack Farrell, and Hiromi Kiyoko are perhaps the only people who can stop him.

Collects ELEPHANTMEN #58-62
Marvel Comics
Avengers Rage Of Ultron OGN HC

Marvel Comics

(W) Rick Remender (A) Jerome Opena, Pepe Larraz (CA) Jerome Opena

It was another glorious victory for the Mighty Avengers. Good triumphed over evil and Ultron was shot into space, never to be seen again. Or so they thought. Now, years later, the homicidal artificial intelligence - so long devoted to ending life on Earth - has found a new world to conquer... one with its own horrific legacy. When Titan, birthplace of Thanos, falls, Planet Ultron rises in its place! Thanos' brother Starfox must seek the aid of his former allies - but the Avengers he finds are radically different from the ones he once knew. Among them is Ultron's creator Giant-Man - and when Hank Pym confronts his now planet-sized "son," the responsibilities of fatherhood have never loomed so large. Rick Remender (UNCANNY AVENGERS) and Jerome Opeña (AVENGERS) unleash the full robotic rage of Ultron on Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
Avengers Scalett Witch TP

Marvel Comics

(W/A) Various (CA) Marko Djurdjevic

Wanda Maximoff, the Avengers' most bewitching member, goes it alone in this collection of her solo adventures away from Earth's Mightiest Heroes! First, cosmic writing team DnA's science and the Scarlet Witch's magic combine in true comic-book alchemy! Wanda must confront very personal demons, pitting her uncanny hex powers against horrifically twisted versions of the West Coast Avengers - and the unwanted affections of old nemesis Master Pandemonium! Plus: Wanda's rich history is explored - including her mystical past as a gypsy girl, her relationship with brother Quicksilver and her pirate ancestor Red Lucy! Guest-starring Dr. Strange! Collecting SCARLET WITCH #1-4 and AVENGERS ORIGINS: SCARLET WITCH & QUICKSILVER #1 - plus material from MARVEL TEAM-UP (1972) #125, SOLO AVENGERS #5, MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS (1988) #60-63 and #143-144, and MYSTIC ARCANA: SCARLET WITCH.
Avengers Storybook Collection

Marvel Comics

(W/A/CA) Various

Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black
Widow, Hawkeye, and Falcon are Earth's Mightiest Marvels - the Avengers! Join them as they work together to battle against sinister Super Villains such as Ultron, Thanos, the Masters of Evil,and more, to keep the Earth safe. Featuring 20 explosive stories of good vs.evil. Avengers assemble!
Weird World

Marvel Comics

(W) Doug Moench (A) Mike Ploog & Various (CA) Dave Cockrum

Welcome to Weirdworld, a land of legend and lore! Meet Tyndall, a lost elf on a dangerous quest - to the heart of evil and beyond! One that will unite him with the beautiful Velanna, and forge an alliance for the ages. Together with grumpy dwarf Mud-Butt, these warriors of the shadow realm will brave the City of Seven Dark Delights, face the fallen god Darklens and meet the Dragonmaster of Klarn. But will they ever find their way home? From the mind of Doug Moench, and brought to life with incredible artwork by such talents as Mike Ploog and John Buscema, comes a far-out fantasy masterpiece in the mighty Marvel manner! Collecting material from MARVEL PREMIERE #38, MARVEL SUPER ACTION (1976) #1, MARVEL FANFARE (1982) #24-26, MARVEL SUPER SPECIAL #11-13, and EPIC ILLUSTRATED #9 and #11-13.
Other publishers
The Usagi Yojimbo Saga Volume 2 TPB

Dark Horse Comics

The rabbit ronin's adventures hit an early peak in this deluxe compilation featuring Usagi's first encounters with the Lord of Owls, Inspector Ishida, and more, and Grasscutter, the grandest Usagi tale to date! Collects Usagi Yojimbo Volume 3 #7–#30 and UY: Green Persimmon!
* Nearly 700 pages of Stan Sakai's enduring samurai masterpiece!
* Includes the Eisner Award-winning Grasscutter epic!
* Full-color cover gallery.

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