Friday 8 July 2016

Small Press Day at Daves Comics 9th July


9th July - Small Press Day

A day to celebrate Small Press Zines and Comics. Support the small press creators, maybe get some inspiration with the variety of work on display.

Come and meet some of the creators signing their creative creations.
Talk about their experiences in the world of Self Published comics.

David Gedge, alongside co-writer Terry De Castro and artist Lee Thacker
Tales From The Wedding Present
David Gedge, Terry DeCastro and Lee Thacker will be along to sell and sign copies of their Tales From The Wedding Present from 12pm till 2pm
A guitar may be along for the ride, so David may be tempted to play a tune or two. Catch it while you can and be sure to get your signed copies of "Tales.."

twitter: @davidgedge

Anaseed Man
Gart, Black Talon

Anaseed Man signing and Sketching his frenetic comic strips. Be sure to follow him and tweets @ANASEED_MAN and instagram

twitter: @ANASEED_MAN

Fraser Geesin aka Gary Lactus
The Cleaner, The Amusing Brothers

Come and meet comedian and comic creator Fraser Geesin hawking his chuckle pamphlets.
Talk comics and Small Press with Gary Lactus himself from the Mindless Ones comics podcast "Silence!"

twitter: @frasergeesin / @silencepod

Simeon Aston
Metal Made Flesh
Simeon Aston, illustrator from the Sci Fi comic Metal Made Flesh will be in to sign copies of his "Metal Made Flesh" paperback and prints and succesful Kickstarter compilation book "Blood and Oil"

‏twitter: @metalmadeflesh

Jenny Clements
The Moth and The Flame
Jenny Clements joins us to sign her beautifully illustrated "The Moth and the Flame" paperback. You may be the lucky person to find the rare sketched golden Moth edition.

‏twitter: @StressedJenny

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