Wednesday 4 March 2020

SNUG by Catana Chetwynd

There is a long tradition of short one-to-three panel comics about the nuances of love and relationships, such as the Love Is… series created by Kim Casali inspired by the love notes she used to leave for her future husband. They tended to feature serious observations about what makes love work along with a drawing of a cute couple always shown in the nude bizarrely (well it was the 1960’s). Snug (Andrews McMeel Publishing) collecting work from Catana Chetwynd’s popular webcomic as well as 50 percent new material, beautifully follows this tradition in its own way. Instead of the lessons, we get recreations of cute moments between her and her boyfriend John.

Chetwynd’s self-taught artwork is confident and appealing with cute exaggerated renditions of herself and her boyfriend (forget Baby Yoda, here we have Baby Admiral Ackbar) which is the secret to the how affecting they are.

Whether or not you’re in a position to recognise the feelings and your own variations of those moments, it’s difficult not to feel inspired to give in to any goofy romantic notions you have. Maybe they all point to one important lesson: it doesn’t matter how love is expressed or experienced as long as it is. Fight complacency folks!

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