Wednesday 8 October 2008


New out this week is Almighty by Edward Laroche. I won't say too much about the plot because it's so derivative that it may put you off (even the back of the book simply states: "A girl has been abducted and a killer hired to find her and bring her home") but think post-apocalyptic action and you're all the way there.

There are however, two reasons to mention the release of this book: Firstly the first-rate execution. The art is dynamic with the right balance of detail and the storytelling is excellent, moving at a swift pace whilst not sacrificing character.

Secondly, the book is self-published by the creator. After reading it, you wouldn't be surprised to find that it was published by Vertigo, such is the quality. But no, Laroche has put the thing together himself. I suppose this may count for the 'story without a hook', but it also means that he has free reign with the content. He didn't have to worry about selling the individual chapters as comics first and therefore the book has a more balanced feel (chapter 4 is just one long action sequence).

Laroche is serious about this too - the back of the book advertises a prequel volume to follow. Dedication and application. The future of graphic novels no less. - SLS

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