Monday 22 June 2009

Swoon Now! The Inkstuds debate!

Flick over to the wonderful Inkstuds website where Robin McConnell has interviewed Scott McCloud, Matt Madden, journalist Jeet Heer and then Eddie Campbell on the subject of comics as a form of media. How can we categorize what constitutes a comic? Is the term even relevant given that it's also used to describe a comedian? Where does the history of comics fit in with human history and the development of art?

Most thought-provoking is the Heer interview who suggests that though there has always storytelling in picture form, it wasn't until time was measured with clocks and watches that people became interested in breaking down moments of time in panels.

Most arresting is Eddie Campbell's which cuts down the whole intellectual debate with a big bloody knife.
Q: What do you think is the purpose of modern comics?
A: To feed baloney to Hollywood.

A highly recommended listen.

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