Monday 8 June 2009

Swoon Soon-ish! Strange Tales Max #1 (of 3)

Marvel editors eh?Certainly not for crowing as loud and high about any new title/character/creative team/secret going. Except they usually are. And so to Strange Tales Max #1. See "the apex of human artistic achievement", "the crowning result of tens of millions of years of evolution" and (my favorite) "a metric ton of solid gold awesome". Those guys...
This time though the wolf cries seem appropriate. You may have heard the news already but we simply had to join the party. We're talking Peter Bagge doing Hulk, Jason doing Spider-Man, Tony Millionaire doing Iron Man. A Paul Pope cover. Junko Mizuno, Dash Shaw, James Kochalka, Johnny Ryan, Michael Kupperman and more.

We're not the only ones excited are we?

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