Tuesday 30 June 2009

Swoon Soon - New Comics Eve

We have air conditioning
loiter a little longer Thursday, and seeing as over the years you have contributed towards it's acquisition, don't feel obliged to purchase any thing I dare you.
Still ,how could you fail to find a gem when the 'House of Ideas' and 'The New DC's' cupeth runeth over this week!Anyway see the last post for a few sparklers,I'm here to talk bits and bobs.
Oh, first though pop over and read the exclusive prequel to 'Captain America Reborn#1 '
A little warning though, the story features a fairly graphic beating of a lovely lady AGAIN just like Cap#600.Is this REALLY how Marvel Comics want to present there family friendly face to the world?

Harvey Award nominees
are up and look at the diversity down there then:


Kyle Baker, NAT TURNER, Abrams books Ed Brubaker, CAPTAIN AMERICA, Marvel Comics John Gallagher, BUZZBOY, Sky Dog Comics Jeff Kinney, DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, Amulet Books Grant Morrison, ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, DC Comics

Thats jolly healthy if you ask me, hmm no ladies present, I bet bully boy Brubaker scared them off with tough talk and left hook.Full list here, could be a great year for Mr Baker one suspects.

Now lets see, next up new trades for this week 'The Boys Vol 4'.It's not for a sensitive chap like me but you hardy sorts will be f-ing and blindingly pleased.Actually, over Fathers Day weekend we had lots of requests for this from loving sons and daughters.Another small fact for you to forget, is that this book shipped one month early, breaking a habit of a life time from the erratic Dynamic Comics, anyway well done chaps!It's a little light on the new releases this week, but we do get a new 'Green Lantern' HC to help us prepare for 'Blackest Night', which I'm sort of feeling positive about. I LOVE the premise of justifying all these resurrections in the DCU, although time will tell if it can perform at Marvel numbers.I'll post a full list of trades later.Hey this is kind of snazzy,how to make a glowing Green Lantern ring!

Shop things, you may notice on Thursday in the front of the shop(you do notice the front of the shop don't you?)we will start the reclassifying of the graphic novels into 'real world' categories.It's something we tried years ago but 'civilians' were thin on the ground.Now that the medium is perceived as the 'Savior of Literacy' in young readers especially boys, the librarians and teachers we meet treat us as altruistic saints. So not ones to shun this acceptance we are trying desperately to make finding books easier, whether Genre, Category or age suitability.Hellblazer in Horror or Dark Fantasy? Concrete in Science Fiction or Fantasy?Just a warning that there may be books and bookcases acting a tad discordant when you arrive.Oh, and we'll be putting up some new shelving next week,and maybe a little painting and perhaps some new images because I know you all love the chameleon nature of the shop almost as much as I do.

Oh, don't forget we are open at 9.30 this Thursday See if you can find the till beneath the piles of Batman and Robin #2's and CapReborn#1's

See you very soon.

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