Sunday 28 June 2009

Swoon Soon! - More Comics!

What do mean you haven't finished reading last weeks?
Oh this week is so swoontastic! -
that we need to start thinking/obsessing over it now!
Sales and critical crucible of all round loveliness 'Batman and Robin #2' slinks into Brighton town this coming Thursday morn.
It's one swath comic ladies and gentlemen, and if you neglected to cross Grants sometimes shaky palm with silver last month we have just had restocks of #1 delivered by flying Batmobile (first prints for all who care).Oh by the way if you want to hear the fantastic data base bunny John Mayo pour verbal treacle over 'RedRobin#1' and boiling oil over 'Batman and Robin' (we forgive you John your the only one it seems with a clear head regarding the business side of funny book retail) follow this link.
Anyway the impossibly hyped to the hilt 'Captain America:Reborn #1' thaws in front of our very eyes this Thursday.Now Cap #600 was a curate's egg if ever there was one.Not a real gun?Punching teen girls?Norman Osborn's bit BUT if we get a little tighter pencils from Mr B Hitch than we've seen of late(speaking of which FF ships this week), and please please please a non groan inducing deux ex machina thang from Mr E Brubaker(though that gun looks a little suspect to me) it could be jolly good indeed. (Although if its set in WW2 I'll not make it past page 5...)
Lets see what else have we got...Not one but TWO Pete Milligan comics hurrah! Hot on the heels of his recent half decent Thor one shot is 'Greek Street#1' from Vertigo.Well 'Unwritten' has been embraced (second print of #1 ships this week) lets see if this fairs as well.Vertigo tends to bring out the best in Mr Milligan (and if you haven't read the out of print 'Enigma' or the woefully neglected in trade 'Shade the Changing Man' peruse the back issues in Dave's along the road) 'Greek Street #1' is only 65 smashing pence so why not dabble.
Also from Mr M come the first of a 5 part arc in the most unpopular BatBook in Brighton, the sickly sales weakling 'Batman Confidential' (don't worry I've upped the shelf copies by 200% for all you fair weather Bat friends)
Other bits and bobs that look tasty on the plate:
'Justice League: Cry for Justice#1's paint has dried at last and brings with it a variant cover,oh its not really a variant its just the other half of a diptych.Please no fighting for the GL cover we will have plenty on hand.Not a massive fan of painted art in Superhero comics but this looks fairly impressive I must say, especially Hal's quiff that rivals the great quiffs of comics long gone such as 'Johnny Nemo' or the never to be PC 'Ranx Xerox'.Still if everyone stops mopping around for the other half of the comic that hasn't been 'previewed on line' it may be a corker.
Two from Mr Kirkman, 'Destroyer#4' (already?) and the 'Astounding Wolfman' which will make thirteen of you very happy.'Irredemable#4' from Boom which is still worth a look though #3 was only so so for me,perhaps I was in the wrong mood for all that seedy stuff going on with the wigs.
Dependable books in this week, 'Invincible Iron Man', the thank goodness 'Land- less Uncanny #513' (I never thought I'd be so pleased to see the Dodson twins) and its part 2 of Utopia ,although looking at the shelves most of you didn't really want part 1, though the logos for Dark Avengers and X-Men were so tinnie tiny you may have missed it,or is that wishful fiscal thinking on my part.
Not a bad week at all.
Well you know potentially...
Anyway -
to allow us all to bathe our eyeballs (while the working day is still young) in the sweet nectar of the clear line radiance that is Mr Frank Quitely - we will be opening at 9.30 this Thursday.

See you then, then.

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