Monday 31 August 2009

Presuming on his Senses! Can it really be you Dave's Comics blog?

So we've been without the internet for a fraction over two weeks. Two weeks. It felt like being dropped in the middle of the middle of the ocean in a little wooden boat. Exactly like it probably.

But anyway we're back on now so what have we all missed talking about? August brought a couple of books worth mentioning. Essex County collected the brilliant Essex County trilogy (surprise) by rising star Jeff Lemire. It's a heart wrenching, beautifully observed nostalgia piece that burrowed into my soul and found a little home for itself. Lemire had another release entitled The Nobody - a modern take on HG Wells' Invisible Man and has a new series due to start this week called Sweet Tooth from Vertigo. It's really worth having a look at this creator who has a gift for capturing the stories of dislocated individuals.

Also worth looking for is author Ian Rankin's first graphic novel entitled Dark Entries which features one John Constantine. Very positive word in the shop about this. Already mentioned in the previous blog entry, The Gigantic Robot lived up to expectations proving to be surprising, beautifully drawn, simple but profound. Finally, James Jean's latest portfolio - Kindling - tiptoed bashfully into the shop. Fans of his work will not need another word said.

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