Wednesday 2 September 2009

Swoon Soon! Sweet Tooth #1

Further to mentioning Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire in the previous post it seems that everyone wants to get in with their praise before it even hits the racks:

“Writer & artist Jeff Lemire has created the new ‘must read’ book with SWEET TOOTH. It’s a fairy tale turned on its ear-or antlers-that takes you on the road trip through an America slightly more fantastical and just as frightening as ours.” —Geoff Johns (Blackest Night)

“I would crawl over broken glass to read this.” —Jason Aaron (Scalped)

“Lemire’s next great work is a shockingly original cocktail of the surreal. A candy-colored nightmare of family, violence and the end of the world.” —Matt Kindt (Super Spy)

“Sweet Tooth is a dark, moving, and intriguing story, and Jeff Lemire’s gentle writing and raw, expressive art work perfectly together.” —Frank Quitely (Batman & Robin)

“A remarkably strange story, drawn in an appropriately expressionistic style. I need to know what’s going to happen to Gus!” —Peter Bagge (Everybody is Stupid Except for Me)

See? All your favourite creators will have a copy. Join the party this Friday. It's only 70p.

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