Monday 28 December 2009

Swoon Here! Mazzucchelli & Shaw

Happy days! Comics Journal have posted the lengthy interview between Dash Shaw and David Mazzucchelli as featured in the latest edition of the regular publication.

"I don’t see a lot of mainstream comics, except what my students are showing me, but it seems to me that in a lot of those comics, especially what’s been influenced by television and movie-writing, I see a lot of panels of people in costumes that look like they should be running and jumping and saving people from burning buildings actually standing around a lot, or sometimes the same image photocopied several times while they’re just talking"

"Working with Paul Karasik really helped too, because he thinks about comics as a combination of symbols, and about the ways that you can express abstractions on a page. Working with him and developing a course helped me rediscover the graphic things that comics can do really well. It doesn’t have to be just showing this illusion of time and movement from panel to panel to panel. Comics can do other kinds of very interesting things."

Indeed they can. The Comics Journal #300 is on sale now and features several star interviews including Frank Quitely & Dave Gibbons, Denny O'Neil & Matt Fraction, Jaime Hernandez & Zak Sally as well as Shaw/Mazzucchelli. £11

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