Tuesday 11 May 2010

Swoon Now! Nobrow

We're big fans of the publisher Nobrow so there was considerable excitement in the shop for the latest delivery. Nobrow #3 (£11) has arrived with all its glorious summer colour and arresting abstract visuals. Also in is another piece from Blexbolex (read of our affection for Abecederia here) entitled Dogcrime (£8), cyclical storytelling in Ouroboros (£8.50) by Ben Newman - whose style put me in mind of Samurai Jack for some reason - and a beautiful little hardcover book entitled Birchield Close (£9) by Jon McNaught which at first glance could have been designed by Seth. Finally there's Rise and Fall (£9) by Micah Lidberg, a wonderful concertina landscape picture charting the rise and fall of the dinosaurs. Listed below are other examples of the artists work.Ben Newman
Jon McNaught
Micah Lidberg

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