Friday 21 May 2010

Swoon Now! Weathercraft and Krazy & Ignatz

Undoubtedly book of the week is Weathercraft (Fantagraphics) by the masterly Jim Woodring continuing stories from the Unifactor universe.

There is a brief interview with Woodring here. He mentions his current obsession with pen and ink but given the lovely cover of the book, wouldn't it be wonderful to see the book in colour? Still, always a luxurious, twisted fairyland treat. Hardcover and £15.

Also more than worthy of mention is a new collection of Krazy & Ignatz (Fantagraphics) by George Herriman reprinting material from 1916 to 1918. What's significant about this collection is that it chronicles the starting point of the strip including all early incarnations of the Kat as he featured alongside other character strips until he was paired up with a mouse...

It's arguably the best reproduced material from the series, beautifully designed by Chris Ware and including biographical articles by the editor Bill Blackbeard. £19

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