Monday 12 July 2010

Swoon Now! The Art of Pho - signed!

No it's not some ancient martial arts text to sit next to your copy of The Zombie Survival Guide. The Art of Pho (Jonathan Cape) is the first graphic novel from the 2008 Observer/Jonathan Cape Graphic Short Story award winner Julian Hanshaw and tells the story of curious looking character called Little Blue as he sell bowls of Pho (a complex kind of broth) in Vietnam.

Featuring a confident use of the medium it captures the feeling of energy and awe of living in a new culture and inspired Shaun Tan to contribute the following note of appreciation on the back cover of the book: "Part travelogue, part dream, part cookbook...The Art of Pho is deliciously surreal."

If the book intrigues you - I recommend clicking on his name in the paragraph above to take you to his excellent website which includes his animation projects - then you'll be keen to know that Julian Hanshaw visited the shop recently and signed all our copies of Pho along with a character sketch.

In the shop now, hardcover and signed and only £15.

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