Friday 28 January 2011

Swooned! Fantastic Four #587

So now we know. And it's generally been a well received issue to boot. Now pop over to ComicsAlliance for a measured, thoughtful interview with the writer Jonathan Hickman (none of that hyper bowl we've come to expect from these guys).

"We just have to accept that this is the world that we live in, and stop writing stories that are only about reveals, and make them more about stories that unfold. Which is why I'm OK with people knowing that a character dies. And I'm OK with them knowing who it is now, because we're not done. It's part of the journey and the greater story. I'd like to think that I'm embracing the way you have to tell stories nowadays rather than trying to desperately hold on to what I consider to be an outdated mode of storytelling."

On the whole I think it's been a well handled little event: the black poly bag made it a desirable object, the fact that there were pot-luck variant signed editions, a reasonable price and the writer talking about story arcs rather than shock tactics. Would melt even the toughest, most cynical heart...

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