Wednesday 16 February 2011

Swoon Soon! Paying For It

Drawn & Quarterly have just released this image of the new jacket design for Chester Brown's Paying For It due out later this year. Kind of looks a little seedy doesn't it? However, Neil Gaiman puts us all at ease:

"I've loved Chester Brown's work since the early days of Yummy Fur. He started out as a remarkable cartoonist telling strange stories that slowly became, over time, increasingly personal.

PAYING FOR IT is as personal as you can get. It's a clear-eyed, not-even-slightly-erotic, compulsively readable, sometimes painfully honest account of his time, reasons and experiences paying for sex. I learned things about Chester from reading this, and I learned things about sex-workers, and about the world, and, oddly, I think I learned things about myself.

The argument about when or whether comics had grown up ended when people started making comics for grown-ups. This is one of them. PAYING FOR IT is the kind of book that will engage your mind and force you to think about things in ways you may never have done before. Chester would probably like that. And if you find yourself arguing with the page, or with the author's notes, I think Chester would probably like that too."

Nothing like a shouting match with a graphic novel to draw attention to yourself. BTW excuse my ignorance but what is the "john" referred to in the context on the cover?

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