Monday 21 February 2011

Double Swooned! Lorenzo Mattotti & Dave McKean

Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the release of Stigmata (Fantagraphics) just a few weeks ago. Featuring expressionist master Lorenzo Mattotti's swirling, cross-hatched pen line as if the story were recounting the fading memory of a dream about a drunk who one day wakes up marked with stigmata. It's an intense and perfectly balanced story, in hard cover with a wonderful Mattotti painting on the cover and it deserves to be a flagship title for any graphic novel collection.

Last year saw the return to print of Dave McKean's epic Cages (Dark Horse), a surrealistic exploration of creators and creativity. From haunting covers to The Sandman (DC) series to children's picture books (usually with Neil Gaiman), to the dark, classic Arkham Asylum (DC) McKean's mixed media approach has inspired other artists and justifiably won him wide-spread recognition in the comics field and beyond.
So when I tell you that not only Lorenzo Mattotti but also Dave McKean will be appearing together as part of the Comica Festival in March, you can understand the considerable anitcipation building for this rather rare (and astonishingly well-priced) event. Jump on over here for details. Highly recommended.

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