Tuesday 8 February 2011

Weekly Treats, Femina and Fauna & Shadoweyes!

Femina and Fauna (Dark Horse) is a collection of artwork by Camilla d'Errico showcasing not only her paintings, but also her clothing and model designs all focusing on females and often with a pet animal in tow. Somewhere in the same universe as Tara McPherson, Mark Ryden and James Jean. Go to DarkHorse for a eight-page sample.

Ross Campbell has made a name for himself with the multi-volume, punky, character soap opera Wet Moon. The art is bold and consistent with a hint of caricature and the writing for the mostly female cast is engagingly melodramatic. Having once produced a zombie graphic novel Abandoned (which surely needs a re-print) and a stand alone graphic novel for DC's now defunct Minx line, he returns now to genre-based fiction with Shadoweyes (SLG) - his take on superheroes. It's probably no surprise to learn that the protagonist is a young female who, after an attempt at Kick-Ass style vigilantism is knocked out cold. It's a catalyst for some strange developments...

Two pages (out of sequence) from Shadoweyes

There's a detailed review and six-page sample at ComicBookResources as well as an interview with Ross Campbell. The official website (it's published online first) is here.

Haunt Volume 2 also finally makes an appearance this week and the Weekly Treat list is very healthy with DC big event Flashpoint kicking off in Flash and the Marvel universe shakes to its roots with issue one of Avengers vs New Ultimates.

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