Friday 4 March 2011

Too Dead to Swoon!! Lenore and Axe Cop

Just how many comics do you read that actually make you smile in a suppressed chortle kind of way (rather than a "that was pleasant" kind of way)? Whatever you think you may know about Lenore (just for young goths right?) it's actually a funny comic. In the way that The Goon used to be outright morbid-funny before it became a little more bitter-sweet. Try it. There are two issues out of the current series so far. Official website here. Click here for the trailer.

Then have a look at Axe Cop. Remember the crazy stories you would come up with when you 5/6 years old? Now imagine that you had a thirty-year-old comic artist for a brother who was putting it all on the page. So you get a cop with an axe as your main character, a Tyrannosaurus Rex with giant machine guns for arms and a story that doesn't sit still for more than two seconds because, well kids get bored easily (in fact we once discovered that Axe Cop himself only sleeps for 2 minute). First finding fame online (see here) and then collected into a book, issue 1 of a new three-part series is out this week. Utter madness.

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