Tuesday 1 March 2011

Weekly Treats, Time and the Batman & Takio!

Congratulations for the delivery of twins this week, born just a few hours apart. So generally speaking you get yer non-Marvel/DC comics and yer graphic novels on time Wednesday morning and The Big Hitters come out to play in the afternoon (see previous post). Anyhoo talking of terrible twos both Grant Morrison and Brian Michael Bendis have books on offer this week.

Grant Morrison really, really loves Batman. He must do to to have spent so long (four years and counting now) pulling him to pieces, reverse engineering him and re-building him. Is there any other character that can withstand the amount of microscopic analysis Morrison has put Batman under? And, for that matter, what will be left to say about Batman once/if Morrison is spent? That's not something we have to worry ourselves over at the moment though as he has spoken in general terms about the next year-or-so worth of plans. Batman: Time and the Batman (DC) collects issues #700-703 and attempts to celebrate all aspects of the character in past, present and future incarnations. With art from Frank Quietly, David Finch, Andy Kubert and Tony Daniel (who has really grown as the series has progressed) it's a real treat. In fact this Morrison era will go down in Batman history as one, big, golden, post-modern treat.

Brian Michael Bendis did something a little similar with Daredevil for me - after his monumental run on the title I was Daredeviled-out. The series Powers (Marvel) he created with Michael Avon Oeming has been successfully picking away at the underbelly of the superhero genre since the year 2000 as an on-going adult superhero series. Now both Oeming and Bendis have addressed the balance and created Takio (Marvel) the first volume in an all-ages series about sisters who are the first people in the world to get powers. Straight to graphic novel? Will it catch on? You decide...

And when those lazy layabout superheroes get their butts into gear there's the prologue to The War of the Green Lanterns in Green Lantern #63 (DC)

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